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Welcome to the Destiny Wiki!

Explore detailed information about streaming history, notable gaming moments, thought-provoking discussions, and collaborations with other prominent figures.
Whether you're a long-time fan seeking to relive the highlights or a newcomer eager to understand the community, these articles cover it all.

Logging in

Logging in from the website will automatically register your username on the wiki.

-If you are not logged in or do not have a DGG account, and you would like to, click here.


Editing pages on the Destiny wiki requires a Tier 1 or higher subscription on DGG.
Uploading of media/files requires a Tier 2 or higher subscription.

-If you are not a subscriber, you can sign up here

...earn a free subscription through Manifold Markets.

Manifold Markets is partnered with
Manifold is a play-money prediction market platform where you can bet on anything.

•Signing up to Manifold starts you with 500 'Mana', Manifolds play-currency.
•Users can redeem a Tier 1 subscription for yourself or a friend with 1000 'Mana'. group, follow to have Destiny related markets appear on your homepage.

-David Chee, Community Manager for Manifold Markets,
has written this comprehensive post on getting started,
how markets work and the cross-over with DGG.


Getting banned on DGG passes through to the wiki, if you are banned from chat, you will also be banned from editing here.
Fuck around here, find out in DGG.

...see full list of Rules.
Respect and Civility

Do not harass, attack, or demean any users, orbiters or moderators.

Unacceptable Content

Unsubstantiated critique/insulting of any individual/group does not belong on the wiki.

Citation and Sourcing

If a claim is made without evidence, provide a citation/source or flag it as [citation needed]

Conduct in Discussions

Provide high quality discussions in talk pages and keep the discussion relevant to the page.

Sharing Personal Information

Do not dox anyone, basic information that is public and relevant to their role in the DGG universe should be the limit.
No specific addresses, phone number, frequent locations that they visit, or anything of that nature.
-Be overly cautious if you are uncertain as to whether it is relevant information.

Acceptable Content

NSFW links (Fansly, OnlyFans, etc.) are acceptable if they are relevant.


Categories are organized to find your interest.

Not looking for anything specific?
Browse through the full list of Pages

Reporting Problems

Contact with moderation can be made in DGG chat, on the Destiny reddit, and through the discord server.

For the time being 4THOT is leading content/moderation efforts, but all DGG mods have wiki moderation powers.
Operational questions/bugs can be directed to Cake
(if something is broken, blame JaydrVernanda)