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Destiny has a long track record of controversial opinions relating to the preparation and consumption of food.[1] The sincerity of these food takes has been questioned by some observers, although others suspect he genuinely just has the palate of a child. Steven has claimed variously that Mediterranean cuisine and coffee are disgusting, all the while professing his love for raw onions.[2][3]

Food Takes

Asian food

  • Chinese food: "Based".[4]
  • Japanese food: Good except for the seafood.
  • Thai food: Bean-sprout animal slop for people who pretend they like spicy food (to impress their coffee-drinking, rare-steak eating friends).[5]

Caramelized onions

"...I don't like caramelized onions. I think onions have a really good flavor and a really good texture; and 95% of the time when you get caramelized onions, you've taken the onions' texture, you turn it into this gooey fucking nasty shit, and then the flavor is just like onion gel. I don't like caramelized onions. I think raw onions, especially like on burgers and shit, are awesome. But getting like 'onion soup' is fucking gross. I will... I will say I don't like caramelized onions."[6]


"All coffee is trash, okay? The only people in life who like coffee are people pretending to like coffee to impress other people who pretend to like coffee."[7]

Ice cream

When presented with three styles of ice-cream cone, Steven expressed a strong preference for the type of cone usually enjoyed by young children and literal babies.[8]


"...seafood fucking sucks. People who like it just pretend, same as people who "like" black coffee and dark beer." [9]


Destiny enjoys his steaks medium-rare.[10] He claims that anyone who orders rare steak is simply trying to impress their coffee-drinking friends. This is a conspiracy theory, and it ignores the body of scientific evidence favouring the deliciousness of rare steak.[11][12][13]

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