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Destiny has a long track record of controversial opinions relating to the preparation and consumption of food.[1] The sincerity of these food takes has been questioned by some observers, although others suspect he genuinely just has the palate of a child. Steven has claimed variously that Mediterranean cuisine and coffee are disgusting, all the while professing his love for raw onions.[2][3]

Food Takes

Asian food

  • Chinese food: "Based".[4]
  • Japanese food: Good except for the seafood.
  • Thai food: Bean-sprout animal slop for people who pretend they like spicy food (to impress their coffee-drinking, rare-steak eating friends).[5]

Caramelized onions

"...I don't like caramelized onions. I think onions have a really good flavor and a really good texture; and 95% of the time when you get caramelized onions, you've taken the onions' texture, you turn it into this gooey fucking nasty shit, and then the flavor is just like onion gel. I don't like caramelized onions. I think raw onions, especially like on burgers and shit, are awesome. But getting like 'onion soup' is fucking gross. I will... I will say I don't like caramelized onions."[6]


"All coffee is trash, okay? The only people in life who like coffee are people pretending to like coffee to impress other people who pretend to like coffee."[7]

Ice cream

When presented with three styles of ice-cream cone, Steven expressed a strong preference for the type of cone usually enjoyed by young children and literal babies.[8]


"...seafood fucking sucks. People who like it just pretend, same as people who "like" black coffee and dark beer." [9]


Destiny enjoys his steaks medium-rare.[10] He claims that anyone who orders rare steak is simply trying to impress their coffee-drinking friends. This is a conspiracy theory, and it ignores the body of scientific evidence favouring the deliciousness of rare steak.[11][12][13]


When questioned by Aba on if water tastes the same everywhere, Destiny responded, "Yeah, it's all the exact fucking same," and further asserts that his tap water at Miami Beach tastes the same as every other tap water.[14]


Destiny has stated that he doesn't drink recreationally because of his dislike for the taste of alcohol and considers beer and wine to be disgusting.[15]


Destiny was unphased by someone using Dawn Powerwash to wash her chicken, stating it was "probably because it's a high moisture cleaner so she doesn't dry the chicken out too."[16]

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