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Clara 'Keffals' Sorrenti

Clara Sorrenti, known as Keffals, is a Canadian Twitch streamer, transgender activist, left-wing political commentator and former candidate of the Communist Party of Canada.[1]

Keffals was first introduced to the DGG community and Destiny through a series of twitter interactions which culminated in Keffals attributing a hate raid to Destiny and his community.[2]

Their feud continued for the better part of a year, with Keffals, according to Destiny, repeatedly making up lies and slandering him. During this time Keffals was also embroiled in, what DGG would call, controversies.

She seemed to lie about the details of being swatted, maliciously editing Destiny's wikipedia entry, and trying to tie Destiny to KiwiFarms while also calling for CloudFlare to stop hosting Kiwifarms[3].

All of this conflict and the reasons as to why Destiny felt compelled and righteous in attacking and defending against Keffals was subject to a secret Manifesto that was released in late September of 2022. You can find the full Manifesto here. This was an especially impactful Manifesto on the DGG community because it was secretly researched and Destiny had told everyone that the stream on that day would be a debate against the infamous Dr Jordan Peterson, only to have this introduction.

Despite the disappointment from the fact that there was no debate with Dr Jordan Peterson the Manifesto was extremely well received by the DGG community and seemingly had a strong impact on the youtube/twitch/twitter political spheres that Destiny and Keffals reside in.

Destiny also ended up pursuing a defamation lawsuit against Keffals[4]. This was done, according to Destiny, due to Keffals repeating lies about Destiny in established publications like the Washington Post.

Amazingly, in October of 2023, after Destiny appeared at VidCon and participated in Progressive Victory. An organization that Destiny is working with, which is organized, in part, by Brianna Wu, Destiny reported that Keffals and him had amicable reactions, including her apologizing to him and possibly repairing a bridge that all thought to be consumed by literal hellfire.

As of October 7th, 2023 it is quite possible that Keffals and Destiny will have a neutral relationship or even an amicable one.

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