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Sweet Anita is an English Twitch Streamer and Content Creator, who started streaming on twitch in 2018. Sweet Anita started off with Overwatch League content but now primarily streams conversations and IRL content. Sweet Anita has Tourette's syndrome including coprolalia[1].

Sweet Anita has had several major conversations with Destiny.

The first conversation was hosted by HealthyGamerGG hosted by Dr. K in August of 2020. There Sweet Anita, Lilypichu, Devin Nash, XQC, and Destiny discussed Toxicity in streamer communities.

Later in 2021 Sweet Anita and Destiny had a series of conversations spanning a huge number of topics from Sweet Anita's history and personal life, streaming on twitch, stalkers, religions, gender, sexual identity, and more.

Youtube uploads of streamed conversations:

February, 2021

September, 2021

July, 2021

July, 2021

Sweet Anita still streams regularly on her twitch channel as of October 9th, 2023.

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