Ben Shapiro

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Ben Shapiro

"Facts don't care about your feelings."
Status Media Pundit
Political Alignment Conservative Republican
Qualifications B.A., J.D.
Occupation Attorney/Columnist/Political Commentator
Age 40
Country of origin USA
Twitter benshapiro
Instagram officialbenshapiro
Youtube @BenShapiro
Awards IHR Best News Podcast
NYT #1 Bestseller

Ben Shapiro is a lawyer, columnist, author, and political commentator.

He is currently working as host of The Ben Shapiro Show and editor emeritus for The Daily Wire media company.

Debates with Destiny

Lex Fridman hosted a debate between Destiny and Ben covering their political differences,
Jan 6, Israel, Ukraine, "wokeism and more.

Full debate

Debate outline
0:00 - Introduction
1:36 - Liberalism vs Conservatism
6:49 - Education
23:06 - Trump vs Biden
43:31 - Foreign policy
56:28 - Israel-Palestine
1:11:25 - Russia-Ukraine
1:23:04 - January 6
1:39:03 - Abuse of power
1:49:01 - Wokeism
1:55:42 - Institutional capture
2:09:36 - Monogamy vs open relationships
2:14:29 - Rapid fire questions

Clips on Israel