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Steven Destiny Bonnell II
Photo by Lex Fridman[2]

Steven Kenneth Bonnell II, also known as Destiny, is an Omahanian internet personality, kick streamer, anti-redpill debater and political commentator. In 2011 he became one of the first people to live stream video games full-time (he paved it on his own) and received attention as a pioneer of the industry.

Since 2016 he has garnered further attention for live-streaming political debates with other online personalities, in which he advocates for progressive and liberal politics. In recent years he has gained even more notoriety for debating in the online redpill space.

As of late 2023, he has begun to more critically scrutinize topical conflicts (such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict) and has begun to do more research on and off stream which he typically compiles in his Obsidian Notes, leading him to debates and conversations with renowned historians like Benny Morris and Norman Finkelstein.

He is currently the co-host of the Bridges Podcast with NotsoErudite and co-host of the Anything Else? podcast with Dan.


Commonly asked questions when talking about Steven Kenneth Bonnell II include: "The game?", "Isn't that a girl's name?", and "Isn't that the person who lets other guys f*** his wife?". Two of these statements are true, but when discussing Destiny (at least on this wiki), no one is talking about the Bungie game.


On September 19th, 2023, Destiny started using a new keyboard, necessary because he spilled "something" on it[1].

Controversial Opinions

A list of contrarian takes Steven Kenneth Bonnell II has crafted purely to make his chat mad:

Topic Opinion
Movies Oppenheimer is a 3/10 movie[2].
Movies Dune is a dogshit movie[3]. This take was later disproven by Dan[4].
Movies Jurassic Park is a dogshit movie[5].
Music The Marshall Mathers LP is the best rap album of all time[6].
Food Cake cones are the best ice cream cone [7].
Food Seafood sucks[8].
Food Europeans aren't ready to hear that literally any cuisine you can find on their continent is easily defeated by the main course menu at the @Outback Steakhouse.[9]

Dungeons and Dragons

Destiny has played a few Dungeons and Dragons campaigns with Koibu as the Dungeon Master. [10]

  • Tyrael McGary in Tombs of Scoria
  • Vahn & Korrin in Empires of Arcadia
  • Nevets in Of Dice and Men
  • Locke and Kumo in Gnomes, Tomes and Catacombs
  • Wander and Drak'ven in Heroes' Graveyard

Obsidian Notes

Main article: Obsidian Notes

Sometime around Oct 6, 2023, Destiny began using Obsidian to compile and publish his notes on different subjects.


A list of random people that Destiny has (usually) erroneously compared to others. While certain comparisons are somewhat understandable, other faceblind memes have led chatters to believe Destiny is trolling DGG.

Apparent doppelgänger Person(s) of comparison
Political Guy[12]
Stellan Skarsgård[12]
Tom Wilkinson[12]
Bald + moustache[13]
Some guy from Rush Hour[13]
Mohammed bin Salman[14] Himself[14]
Random Trumple[15]
Mr. Miyagi[15]
Hugh Laurie[16]
Willem Dafoe[16]
60 Minutes interviewee[17]
Ryan Grim[17]
Richard Spencer
Karim A.A. Khan KC
Smiling Harold

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