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A story arc (more commonly referred to as just an arc) is an overarching unit of story, specifically referring to the broad groups of conversations, memes, themes, orbiters, drama, etc in the DGG Cinematic Universe (DGGCU). Each arc also consists of numerous side plots that may or may not be relevant to the main storyline, the quality of which varies depending on where the writers decide to take the story or how they want to develop the characters within the show.

For example, in 2016-2019, the writers had Destiny focused on debating a lot of right-wingers, as Donald Trump had energized the American right. He became known as one of the only "lefties" (a term which he would now reject—probably) that would talk to the right-wing content creators, as many left-wing content creators did not have any conversations across the aisle, giving us several iconic debates and conversations which form the broader conservative arc.

After the Conservative Arc would end, Destiny would begin to take aim at the champagne socialists after having a realization that many of them were just as reprehensible as the Alt-Right.

Nebraska Steve Arc (2011-2016) ∙ RETARD MAGNET

Notable Events

Jun 29, 2011 ∙ Destiny calling DDoS kid - Starcraft 2

Destiny has a conversation with the DDoS kid, as he had been getting DDoSed through the voice call and instant messaging application Skype. Destiny was extremely frustrated as this was before anti-DDoS companies existed and it would cause Destiny to lose out on significant portions of his income. The situation (still) sparks controversy as Destiny states had contemplated killing him as he had tried contacting the local police, FBI, the child's father, and with no reprise. He also contemplated having the kid on Judge Judy and submitted a civil court case.

The Conservative Arc (2016-2019) ∙ THE HARD-R TRUTH

Destiny began to counter conservative narratives during the rise of the Anti-SJW, other culture war issues, and Donald Trump—as well as the formation of his unique political streaming space on

Notable Events

Mar 13, 2017 ∙ JonTron Debate

Gaming commentator JonTron makes questionable and racist comments as well as outing himself as a proponent of the "Great Replacement" conspiracy theory in a debate with Destiny.

Mar 29, 2017 ∙ Talking with Youtuber NoBullshit

World renowned brainlet NoBullshit comes onto Destiny's stream to confront him about the JonTron debate.

Sep 4, 2017 ∙ NoBullshit Attempts to Argue Against Incest

One of the legendary debates in which Destiny argues against NoBullshit about the morality of certain incestuous relationships. Spawn of the "Destiny supports incest" meme.

Nov 28, 2016 ∙ Going HARD on Athene and his "logic"


Dec 31, 2017 ∙ Destiny Debates YouTubers - Ft. Andy Warski, Brittany Venti, Metokur, Asmongold and More


Jan 23, 2019 ∙ Jesse Lee Peterson

Destiny appears on the Jesse Lee Peterson show, to talk about how Destiny is a liberal, Donald Trump, government shutdown, illegal immigration, free speech, and other things—like that Destiny is a girls name. This episode of the JLP show is also the origin of the AMAZIN', "Do you love black people?" and "BEYTA!" memes.

The Lefty Arc (2019-2022) ∙ GAZE WITHIN

The first glimpses of the Left Arc occurred 1-2 years before, when within the

Notable Events

Jul 9, 2019 ∙ Hasanabi And Destiny BREAK UP Over Kamala Misinformation

Nov 2, 2019 ∙ End of the Leftist Arc? - Destiny Addresses the Recent Drama

Nov 4, 2019 ∙ "This is why I call you spineless..." - Destiny Debates SerfsTV

Nov 21, 2019 ∙ I LOVE THE PIVOTING" - Destiny debates Mike from PA (Central Committee)

The MrGirl Arc (2022-2023)

Notable Events
MrGirl talks to Vaush
First talk with Destiny
MrGirl debates Destiny on platforming Fuentes report
MrGirl twitch ban from groyper mass report
Huge Orbiter Fight Part 2
MrGirl subreddit ban
MrGirl leaves orbit
Destiny nukes bridge
MrGirl talks about Destinys abuse
Destiny argues vs Lav about his abuse
MrGirl releases Manifesto
Destiny responds to MrGirl report

The Redpill Arc (2022-2023)

The Anti-Misogyny Arc II (2022-2023)

With initial flare-ups taking place in the The Aella Square Massacre of 2023, Destiny declared a war against misogyny in DGG chat and the broader DGG community. His aims were to remove misogynistic habits of chatters as well as make the community more welcoming to women in general. Some chatters think the source of this fatwa is questionable, with alleged influence from women orbiters and sexual partners.[citation needed] On 9/11 Destiny flew one plane into DGG chat by banning NSFW from chat, preventing gooners from spamming NSFW posts. On 9/12 he flew a second plane in chat with a massive nuke on painstiny for 3 days in the early morning after talking to orbiter mercoffdaperc, before quickly reversing the bans and going offline.[citation needed] He claimed in chat that this was preferable to having dumb chatters complaining.[citation needed] The next day—during a call with Bellarama—chatters posted painstiny and instead got a 6-day ban was upheld in the courts.[citation needed] During these times gym flair chatters such as Jakobokaj took allegiance with the coomers and misogynists, leading to numerous attempts on Jakobokaj's life, all leading to missed shots by Destiny. The battle continues with chatters like notable anti-fan jstlk trying to debate destiny on his wrong think in discord and DGG chat. Destiny continues to claim however that we are done with the redpill arc and that the porn ban is only the first step of many that will soon be replaced by a focus on the 2024 election cycle.[citation needed]

The Research Arc (2023-Ongoing)

The Research Arc is the currently airing season in the DGGCU, primarily focused on the broadening of knowledge and deep research on topics by Destiny after his recent ADHD Diagnosis and Vyvanse prescription. Destiny has begun to publish his note taking in Obsidian.

Thus far, the primary focus has been on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict after the Hamas-led October 7th, 2023 Attacks spurred mainstream discussion and debate in mainstream social circles.

Finkelstein Debate

After learning about Norman Finkelstein from Lycan, Destiny would begin a mission to dismantle pop-historian on the contentious Israeli-Palestine Conflict and Israeli-Hamas war. Originally, there were plants to debate which ultimately fell apart after a heated email/twitter feud.

The debate would eventually be realized on the Lex Fridman Podcast #418 with Finkelstein, Destiny, Mouin Rabbani, and Benny Morris.