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Flairs are a visual incentive handed out to chatters who give their hard earned money and or time to the streamer Destiny

DGG Subscriber Flairs

Flairs given to subscribers in DGG chat[1].

DGG Additional Flairs

Extra flairs are introduced in the chat to indicate a chatter's specific position or experience. These flairs include:

  • Admin
  • Birthday given to chatters temporarily for the day that their dgg account was created.
  • Bot
  • Broadcaster
  • Community Bot
  • Composition Winner
  • Contributor
  • DGG Shirt Designer
  • DND Baron Tier Gold
  • DND Knight Tier Party
  • DND Knight Tier Scoria
  • Emote Contributor
  • Emote Master
  • Gym which are given to chatters who have knowledge of the gym and fitness in general, the motivation behind the flair was that Destiny wanted to know who to listen to when it came to specific input and advice about the gym and fitness. The current criteria to obtaining a gym flair is to showcase proof that you have joined the 1000 Pound Club.
  • Lawyer given to chatters who are verified lawyers. This flair was created to get better input and discussion relating to law.
  • League Master
  • Micro
  • Minecraft VIP
  • Moderator
  • New User given to new users in dgg to filter out suspicious and inappropriately behaving accounts.
  • NFL Andy
  • Notable
  • Protected
  • StarCraft 2
  • TikTok Editor
  • Trusted
  • Twitch Subscriber
  • Verified
  • VIP
  • YouTube Editor
  • YT Contributor

Ban Dodge Chance

Certain flairs provide the user with an increased chance of surviving a ban. Notably, gym flairs have a 50% chance to survive any ban[2], giving rise to the inside joke that gym flairs are the only true critics of Destiny.

Notable examples:

  • On the 4th of September 2023, gym flair Jakobokaj survived five ipbans in a row before finally being sent to the Shadow Realm[3].


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