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Accessible worldwide, YouTube is an American online video sharing/livestreaming and social media platform owned by Google.

After Destiny's de-partnering from Twitch, he began to multi-stream on YouTube, before being ultimately banned on Twitch, leaving YouTube as his primary streaming platform. Eventually, Destiny would go on to sign a contract with Kick that prohibited him from allowing DGG chat to embed the YouTube or Kick streams.

In addition to being used for livestreaming, Destiny's YouTube is used to publish edited versions of his own streams or other's streams in which he is featured; and has nearly 3000 videos and has amassed over 780,000 subscribers.[1]

Here you will find intellectual talks, debates, discussions, live stream highlights, and more.

—Destiny's channel description


Stream VODs

Destiny's Stream

There is a YouTube playlist containing all of Destiny's prior streams. Certain gated content—such as the Anything Else? Podcast is removed from the VOD as the full VOD is only availible for subscribers to the Anything Else? pateron.


Bridges Podcast

Main article: Bridges Podcast

A weekly podcast between NotsoErudite and Destiny featuring various guests, such as Jeremiah Johnson, Ryan MacBeth, and the Krassenstein Brothers.

Anything Else?

Main article: Anything Else?

Anything Else? is a podcast hosted by Destiny and Dan, on a weekly basis.

Popular Videos


Name View Count Video
ft. Jesse Lee Peterson
Debating JonTron 2,432,162
Wokeness Has Gone Too Far - CHANGE MY MIND
ft. Straighterade
RedPill Debater CHALLENGES Destiny... 1,666,360
Destiny Forces Moderator To Leave...
ft. Dylan Burns, LonerBox, ActualJake
Destiny Vs Alex Jones...
ft. Glenn Greenwald, Darren Beattie, Krassenstein Brothers
Destiny debates nazbol Eric Striker 1,351,599
Tempers Flare In Israel Debate w/ Cenk 473,948
Milo Tries To Provoke Destiny, Gets TRIGGERED Instead 470,145
Insanely Heated Debate vs Glenn Greenwald 357,025

Clips and Videos

Name View Count Video
CS:GO - "Allahu Akbar" 2,844,735
Gaze Within 170,199 views
Aslan's Build a Box 55,343