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For the phrase commonly used by Destiny, see Gotcha, anything else? (Phrase)
Logo of the Anything Else? Podcast.

Anything Else? is a show hosted by Dan and Destiny, that streams every Thursday at 6pm Eastern Time. Dan has indicated that there will be guest appearances on the show in future episodes.[1]

Welcome to the patreon for the Anything Else? show/podcast featuring Dan & Destiny. Hosted weekly, live on Youtube, Kick and whatever other platform we choose. We discuss everything from serious political issues to bottom of the barrel drama. This isnt a serious show but its not not serious either. You just kinda have to be there to get it.

From the Anything Else? Pateron Page[2]

The name of the show is a reference to a phrase often used by Destiny when he is finished with a conversation. At the end of each episode, both Destiny and Dan ask each other, "Anything else?"

Subscribers to the Patreon get a unique middle-finger flair in DGG Chat.


The full episodes are streamed live for free, and released later on YouTube highly edited, for the full VOD, you need to subscribe to the Anything Else? Patreon or watch the VOD before it gets removed, (August needs to eat too).

Episode #000 · Destiny Gets GRILLED By Guest And Cohost And Why Collab w/ Ethan Is IMPOSSIBLE


While the stream was originally to set up the audio and video for the Bridges Podcast, this video has been added to the official YouTube playlist. Featuring Lycan as more front facing than he has been in current episodes. Birth of the "Did you call me antisemitic?" meme.

Episode #001 · Rubin Goes After Destiny, Jordan Peterson's WARNING For Ethan & Contrapoints Rumor CONFIRMED

This episode was designated as "Episode 00" during the original livestream but is currently labeled in the thumbnail as Episode 1. Destiny and Dan talk all things regarding his recent debates with Jordan Peterson and Norman Finkelstein, people's reactions, Judaism, and the Lauren DeLaguna blacklist; leading them into talking about a Playing With Fire pick-up video (featuring Lauren) that Destiny, Dan, and chat react to, leading to some cringe-induced OMEGALULs. Destiny expresses his misfortune as he is forced to drink alcohol by Dan and Lycan.

Episode #002 · Joe Rogan Watched Destiny's Debate

Dan and Destiny discuss the recent clip circulating where Joe Rogan calls Destiny a wiki warrior and unserious, and Dan speculates that Destiny may never make it to Joe Rogan because of it. They briefly discuss drama between NotsoErudite and TreeOfLogic regarding the situation between Fresh&Fit host Walter Weekes and his ex-girlfriend. They discuss Destiny's movie takes. Dan brings up the fact that one of the head chefs for a restaurant that he wanted to go to was an alleged Russian intelligence agent. They briefly discuss Dan's venture into a crypto-mining facility, and a few other topics.

Episode #003

Summary coming soon.

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