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DGG Chat is a live chat hosted on Destiny.gg to chat about Destiny's stream when he is live, and used for communication between DGG members when he is offline.


Destiny's chat can be difficult to navigate and use at points if you are trying to do specific things. Thankfully the community has made various sites and scripts to try and help you chatters enjoy the chat more.



  • https://vyneer.me/utilities Installed as a userscript, this allows users to have an extended amount of usage out of chat, avoiding nukes, seeing embeds in chat, and being alerted as to whether or not you are typing a banned phrase.
  • https://github.com/Fritz-02/dgg-scripts/tree/main Chatter Fritz has made various scripts for dgg chat, though not widely used, one allows you to ignore chats from certain embed watchers, or ignore links from unsubbed chatters (who rarely are posting good memes anyway). This has been discouraged[1] by RightToBearArmsLOL.

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