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Jump to navigation Jump to search is the streamer Destiny's website. hosts DGG Chat,[1] which is used for DGG members to communicate to each other and/or Destiny while he is online or offline.

All of Destiny's social media links are listed on the top of along with the Wiki, Merch, Bridges Podcast and more.


The source code underlying has been used by WhiteNervosa to create WhiteForest (formerly known as a derivative template of the website made available to a set of leftist content creators, many of whom are inimical to Destiny[2]. After RoseWrist, a former progressive content creator, helped Destiny edit his Keffals manifesto, WhiteForest removed RoseWrist's website and redirected his domain name to #DropKiwiFarms, a campaign website hosted by WhiteForest and associated with Keffals[3][4].