Norman Finkelstein

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Norm Finkelstein

If I don't sleep, you don't sleep.
Political Alignment Progressive Left\Communist
Qualifications B.A., M.A., PhD
Occupation Political Science/Activist
Age 70 (December 8, 1953)
Country of origin USA
Twitter normfinkelstein

Norman Gary Finkelstein is a pop-historian and an author of several books on the Israel-Palestine conflict and history, standing firmly on the pro-Palestine side.
Norman highly dislikes when Jewish people use the Holocaust to paint themselves as victims. His parents were Jewish Holocaust survivors as he doesn't fail to mention at every opportunity he gets, including a letter to a building management company.

Connection to DGG

Finkelstein has been brought to Destiny's attention by Lycan—who cited his literary work—and Destiny started an email conversation with him to set up a debate during the Israel-Palestine DGG arc. While the original debate setup failed, eventually Lex Fridman managed to set a 2v2 debate with Destiny and Benny Morris on one side and Finkelstein with Mouin Rabbani on the other.

Debate Memes

Throughout the debate, Finkelstein began to refer to Destiny with a variety of names:

Time Name
Mr. Bonnell
Mr. Borelli
Mr. Borrell
Mr. Farelli
Mr. Morelli

Apartment building ethnic cleansing

As revealed on the stream on 15th of March 2024, Norman Finkelstein has previously engaged in an ethnic cleansing of his apartment building because he has deemed his immigrant upstairs neighbors to be making too much noise.
He has engaged in roof knocking tactics (his preferred variant was ceiling knocking) and authored timeless classical literary works such as "TOO BAD, APES. YOU'RE NOT SLEEPING TONIGHT!". Further he threatened to call CPS to take away their child, "expose" them as fake doctors and get them arrested.
His neighbors then decided to move away and responded to Norman's lawsuit by bringing the receipts.

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