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People who find Obamna funny and are in a deep loving one sided relationship with the streamer Destiny.

Notable Chatters

Mods, Developers and Employees

Name Occupation Description
RightToBearArmsLOL Mod Always watching, HATES , more powerful than Destiny. DOES IT FOR FREE
Lemmiwinks Former Twitch Mod OOOO enjoyer.
Ninou Head Mod Works once every 2 months, replaced erisann. Her job is mostly ordering Uber Eats for Destiny, and managing Destinys merchandise.
4THOT Discord/Reddit Mod Has bees. Is probably a big bee. Is black.
Linusred Co-creator of Herobrine myth. Polls chat sometimes (AKA LinusTechTips[Notes 1]). Made the bot what it is today with his compsci skills.
JaydrVernanda DGG Dev Utter champion of a dev. Succeeds at doing everything correctly. He is on record saying that he, believes Qorantos deserves to be paid weekly[1], hates women [2], hates black men[3], and orders steaks well done [4]. !jaydr πŸ–• πŸ–•
Cake Head DGG Dev Insanely wealthy. Gives out free discord nitro.
MrMouton Ex-Streamer Groomed by Destiny.
kendolly Former Twitch Mod Chill, always friendly.
Puggygups Kick Mod Controller of 7tv Emotes for Kick chat. Originally a Youtube chatter. Begged Destiny through discord, on stream, for an unban in Youtube chat, and eventually becoming a Youtube mod, now being more involved with Kick chat.
August Youtube Channel Editor Editor supreme. Unfortunately Australian.

Notable Current chatters

Name Symptoms of mental illness
Acegickmo Number one zac jungle in world. links his own tweets in chat
Autonomy Rated DemonMama an 8/10
Bing Well known for his high-ranking in League of Legends. Ends every message with:
Calcifer64 Was banned under the name "Calcifer64" for nearly a year, unbanned by ninou[5]. But currently goes under the pseudonym "Calcifer65" as they have retired the 64 name. They are a frequent attention whore hater, pizza cook, and pretty cat poster. Good friends with JoeRosing.
cane Tells everyone to kill themselves and yet enjoys League. Probably the most ignored chatter[6]. A moderator of many a twitch chat (only women).
Carrier Known for spamming ComfyCat and chat and getting actively ignored by destiny without even getting hit with the /ignore
CipoMatador Shitter who would buy you a subscription to get you permabanned. Jealous of turtle_co for having more naturally without spamming.
CreamOnMushroom Said Russia would control Ukraine by May 2022 and had to chug some mustard for his incorrect guess.
cybervegan Actually makes emotes
DaSkrubKing Originally known for making large manifesto subreddit posts in the r/destiny subreddit. Debated DemonMama and was called the "DaIncelKing". Was a semi-regular stream guest. Dating well-known chatter Pasteldallas.
Dunebug Cute. No.1 backseat gamer of Destiny. Reportedly plays every game that Destiny does just so he can backseat him (purely rumour). The chatter with the most amount of bans on record (almost entirely from backseating in League of Legends). Had legendarily long arguments with nnn in offline chat. Joined on December 21, 2014.
ErisAnn The original Ninou, before her role received its infamous unban cooldown nerf. Ex-girlfiend of Destiny.
esteemachine Coomer brain
Fancysloth Winner of the "worst conductor of the year award" for two years in a row, actual Gigachad tanking all chat hate of conductors, second most hated conductor behind vim because he likes waffles instead of pancakes (idk i think). He also is one of the few DGGers to have seen Destiny (pbuh) in person. Joined on 22nd April, 2013.
Figgles An ancient chatter with one of the highest post counts. A common shit-poster of 4chan links.
FourCuteCats Comfycat connoisseur
gay_sheriff Part of the only duo moobie stream. Rarely comes around. Gets banned randomly because he is gay. Will only pick gay movies while conducting, especially lates 90s to early 2000s teen rom coms, because he is gay. For Halloween movie-night, he refused to play horror movies in favor of things like Hocus Pocus and multiple Scooby Doo Halloween specials, because he is gay.
GIGAcuckedVIRGIN Spams greentext, seemingly mentally unwell.
Gojo Anime lifter. Got banned for 2 hours and deleted his account. Often posted copious amounts of nsfw links that were barely nsfw.
gpt71 Definitely not Tena manually writing messages.
Hamster_Hawk Hates slurping
Hakhil (Disgusting) Vtuber lover.
hortler_ has entered chat
huffdaddy Loves all women
Infinity Will always let you know when xQc is live.
Igor Former Emote Master. Conscripted by Russia to fight in Ukraine DaFeels 7
InvincibleWarlord Long time chatter who can be unhinged
irk Actual smart chatter somehow
ivx ADD RAGEY. Member of the CCC.
Joe3_67 Will "suck off" whomever gets him immortalized on the wiki [1]
JoeKingLee Gone but not forgotten
JoeRosing Catholic, vegan, weeb. Truly a cursed trifecta.
Jazzly_ Probably the only chatter to actually make a separate nsfw account because of how often their nsfw posts were hated on.
Keah Debatelord from 2020-2022. Schizo magnet.
Kelly_Jean Best woman bingchilling. Br*tish
Kimchi Juicer. Lies to troll destiny.
kkappaccinno Has had enough tea.
Kogasa Actually successful dgger. Can add up numbers really quickly. Ask math questions at your own peril
LaughPepe Used to be the r/destiny weekly music threads guy.
LilyPichu Red name.
Lycan Destiny's bang maid.
Majestic_Gopher ferretlol, onemodog's best friend
MalekKing Shining white knight. offline debatelord.
metaloidsword When not spamming miyanohype, they go on unhinged rants. self-proclaimed autist. #1 ragepope hater.
Michael20 Ex-smash bros. professional player in Utah. 6'6 gym bro gigachad. Was "ironically" misogynist until he fell in love with turtle_co.
Mrka has the best links. Target of many a ban by destiny.
Mylv Posts nsfw memes and has more conservative values than the average chatter.
neodamiu Rarely sober offline chat doomer.
nnn Actual gigachad, probably murders women in his freetime. Had legendarily long arguments with Dunebug in offline chat. Is also extremely attractive like holy shit he is so fucking hot. Mostly known for being a chronic coomer.
Pasteldallas A regular trans girl chatter of dgg chat and once a streamer that would stream for chat when destiny went offline and in general. Most notable for her contributions to organizing and hosting the dgg r/place discord, Being a host on the DGG Analyst Desk, and having drama being copyright striked by Ana live on stream for mentioning her and being a contributor of some DGG pride emotes. Won a primecayas panel once too.
picklesnathan NOT picklemancer.
Picklemancer The chatter with the most amount of lines in chat that isn't the Bot. Definitely a weeb.
Pisco Legendary lawyer in the chat, famous for hours-long arguments with Destiny and other chatters, both in chat and on voice. Owner of Piss Corporation est.1995
Pizza never misses his nathantiny
Prismagic did the off the penjamin and impromptu dnd call-ins.
Proteus God gamer. One of the few people Destiny trusts with autism game advice.
punished_furry Don't ask about the spreadsheets monkaSMEGA
ragepope 100% wrong 90% of the time. A very "special" person. Likes to talk about econ/finance.
RaiseBelow Uses SOY excessively, seems to never actually enjoy anything. Theories range from brain damage to being addicting to mentions in dgg chat as the potential source of his schizo behavior.
RiN_LuX Does polls in chat with some notable ones."sounds like fancysloth doing a dylan burns impression." Most recent member of the CCC.
Rooitier IQ depends on how many times he's tagged in chat.
S0GNIK 1 of the 3 black people who watch Destiny, the gooch of DGG, DariusIRL oiler/head mod, your favorite chatter’s favorite chatter
Samlaw27 maybe the Most YEE addicted chatter ever!
Savant ORIGINAL puzzle duder, still putting together a 10^24 piece puzzle to this day
ShavedDogsArse(SDA) known champion of the L-spam, enjoyer of stim OOOO, hosted and organized for the Texas change my mind events.
skend likes japanese women and ferrets, @ him with FerretLOL in chat if you see him
SlugChrist A true hero. Saved nearly 1000 Africans from Malaria with his valiant effort reporting Barret's stream. The chatter you accidentally tag when you're trying to type SlugStiny
SophiaCylle One of the only female chatters who regularly uses DGG. Religious and friendly.
Spiders94 Old chatter, friend of Venat and legendary poster of
stealthycatfish Cuck guy that asked once called to ask Destiny for advice. Enjoys fat women.
StrawWaffle Half of the foundation that keeps children alive in developing nations, maintains the raffle. Member of the CCC.
Striker Biggest trans fan of destiny, owner of Jazzly
SuperxAD Bane of RTBA, loves big boobs. Maker of Google Docs for multiple D.gger of the year awards.
Tailsdarcy Old chatter, has some truly wild takes on everything.
Tape You've actually met me in real life
TCBrady Professional sadposter, destiny twitter replyguy. "tickpbrady"
tena secret controller of tons of DGG data (do not research ).
ThatLuckyCamper mortal enemy of vim & barret, Benelux kino enjoyer, mentally stable, thinks charity is good. Famously awful at picking movies chat will enjoy, like "Locke (2013)" the worst film of all time, but occasionally picks KINO films like "In the Mood for Love" and others [citation needed]. Currently living his best life in Asia. Member of the CCC.
tommyK hates malaria[7], only plays 1950's Black and white french movies, actually schizophrenic as he thinks he can hear radio waves through his microphone, has a "valorant accent." Member of the CCC.
Trexmaster posts links, that's it
tng69 real duder who plugged himself into DGG, cant escape. So True! (A markov-chain bot.)
turtle_co > farms green text > addict > loves Michael20 > Created the DGG Analyst Desk Podcast
uufyfuu Excellent nsfw poster. Mostly deals in 2d.
UmbrellaFox award winning canvasser and cool guy irl
Venat Old chatter, friend of Spiders94 and legendary poster of
Vindelici Click his links at your own risk
VirgilGC Half of the foundation that keeps children alive in developing nations, creator of the original raffle site. Member of the CCC.
Voiture literally lives with real turkeys, makes good emotes
voy70 Aware. (A markov-chain bot.)
vyneer literally the only reason why dgg chat is still used thanks to his extension.
Waffles Appears every so often at night to sadpost[8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22]. Plays the piano, sometimes on stream. She participated in the DGG discord and frequently was harassed by chatters that made her uncomfortable[23][24][25][26][27]. Target of at least two separate incidents resulting in the ban of the other party involved, one such case being spinboyy. She also was talked about in a sexual manner by fellow chatter Fancysloth.
Wannabe_Sadboi Prolific r/Destiny power user.[28] Known for his ability to produce high effort manifestos relating to on-stream events.
Wolfsquad Dan's keeper.
Xar2 Chill chatter
Xmas Merry Christmas.
yannis shares a brain with @zooooom
Zanzulfanten/Zanz fastest memer in the west
zooooom runs a cult within a cult, you can recognize his followers by the usage of @ when tagging people; has questionable but brave takes; height analyst mastermind. Often banned unfairly by our great leader

Controversial, Banned & Former Chatters

Name Description
AnimalCracker Prolific FeelsGimiMan user and greentext abuser. FeelsGimiMan b.
Afrobot Obsessed with deepfakes. Had a folder with 23k pictures of Pokimane. Was temporarily banned multiple times for sharing deepfakes and was permanently banned for creating deepfakes/nude photoshops of Melina.[29] Modded for MrMouton. Engaged in weird/unruly behavior[30] including(but not limited to), posting weird deepfake shit[31] in chat, threatening nnn[32], harassing Darius with alternate accounts.[33]
Aliscape Made a manifesto about all the chatters who were mean to them.[34] Was permanently banned for stalking multiple chatters. Still slightly active in chat, likely using multiple alts.
Atlasesque Primarily known for his involvement In the great rustling of 2016.[35] Was very unhappy[36] with Dunebug as a result of the event. Three years later asked Dunebug to remove the video and threatened to get it removed by other means.[37] Was later involved in the Denims drama where he reportedly had unfettered access to Destiny's apartment and even hooked up with Denims on Destiny's bed and couch.
Barret/Darycypher Tried to take down the Cringe Cinema Cabal with GoT streams, defying the dono orthodoxy. PEPE wins. Joined on 11th April, 2020 10:16 pm. Banned for the month of August from DGG for reporting Qorantos tweet.[38] Later, he was exposed[39] as Darycypher after a schizo analysis by chat led to the recognition of his voice by wickedsupreme. Did not take Vaush being exposed for the Poppy dms well.[40]
Bliutwo Old chatter, known for his prolific use of the laughing lizard:
Bombjin Old DGGer, most active during the 2014-2018 DGG era. At one point became involved in a weird drama involving the grooming of a minor(BabyMiku) in chat. When Destiny was live-streaming at the Blue Microphone booth at an event, he donated with the n-word. On May 9th, 2017 Bombjin was banned for spamming the n-word in MrMouton's twitch stream via TTS.[41].He was eventually unbanned during the mass unbanning event of 2018.[42]
Brollebol Old Chatter and shit-poster about Dota.
cantclosevim Brazilian communist/marxist-leninist. Loves Oasis. Former conductor. Debating chatters is the source of his lifeforce. Does not like dariusIRL and created a list of chatters who embedded his stream during darius' streaming comeback for rtba to ban.[43] Closed by Destiny after unhinged comments towards Ukrainian Ana.[44]
ceneza One of the original devs of DGG, created much of the website.
criminal_cutie Former DGG lolcow, originator of many[45] copy[46] pastas[47].
crisp_lettuce Subject of many bans, former conductor and DGG streamer. Illegally conducted and was repeatedly banned for both his farming of DGG and frequent alt making.
Cute_sc2/James_SC Former(possibly still current) DGG schizo/SC2 stream sniper(and hacker)[48]. Creator of the "Squeezing my hog to this" meme.[49] At one point had almost 70 alternate accounts in dgg.[50]
dawigas [2018-01-06 23:49:32 UTC] dawigas: destiny before you have sex are you supposed to have a boner before the girl sees it? or are u supposed to be soft and then you take your pants off and then u become hard
Dharma One of the original devs of DGG, created the original bot for DGG.
Edrito Lived long enough to see himself become the villain.
essay_writer πŸ…±οΈEST EMOJI πŸ…±οΈOSTER πŸ˜‚7.[51]
Exskillsme The original villain-chatter, being a conservative who commonly argued with Destiny's point of views on stream, helping shape his arguments. When Vaush (IrishLaddie) was still a chatter, the pair constantly argued, especially in on-stream arguments hosted by Destiny. Originator of the "well well well"[52] meme.
fcatus Once a frequent movie chatter, got banned [53] late 2023, proceeded to make a large amount of alts, with all of them being listed by RTBA at one point [54]. The most notable of which was kelly_beans [55] which trolled Kelly_Jean and chat during a stream break [citation needed].
Gertle got DariusIRL fired from his job.[56]
FiveKings Maybe the most porn-addicted chatter ever.[57]
HCommoner Got unbanned[58] and immediately re-banned[59] until 2024
karl_marx1 Former poker spammer.[60]
Kodaly Schizoid ex-chatter. Was primarily responsible for the "KO names" meme, along with Kosidus, because of their bad reputations. Was given a lengthy (but not permanent) ban which was never lifted because they kept creating alt accounts to ban evade. Would show up in almost every chat that was embedded in dgg. Still an active member of DariusIRL's community. Likely still active in dgg on an alt account.
Kosidus Former power dgg user/debater[61] eventually turned Hasan simp and destiny/dgg hater.[62]
mannekino The original DGG movie streamer. Regularly streamed high quality movies of all kinds. Eventually stopped hanging around in DGG when he determined that Destiny had became too left.
McafeeAntiVirus Banned on November 9, 2023 until 2026 for faking screenshots of Hasanabi chatters posting unhinged messages with regards to the Israel Palestine conflict.[63] [64]Destiny, who approached the outrageous messages with a healthy dose of skepticism, requested additional logs from the Hasan chatter’s chat history.[65][66] Mcafee, knowing he had doctored the image, left chat when Destiny caught wind of this behavior(Destiny recommended Mcafee off himself in a video game for his cowardice). Destiny eventually concluded that Mcafee had altered the screenshots upon seeing the actual logs of the screenshotted Hasan chatter, and seeing Mcafee had been the first chatter to post the screenshot in DGG. Initially, Destiny issued a ban on Mcafee until July 2024 and humorously called him a Mossad agent. However, after finding out that Mcafee had doctored multiple images(through photoshop)[67], Destiny extended the ban to 2026. Destiny commented how pleased he was to extend the ban, citing his hatred for Mcafee.
MoMo Pretended to be a child, got a 14 year old kid to pretend to be him in skype calls with other chatters, posted loli incessantly. [68] Eventually was exiled to twitch chat and would send hentai to people who did !momolewds in twitch chat [citation needed]. Watched MrMouton after his exile[citation needed].
Nadush Best friends with Kodaly, both would post in public discords picking fights with RTBA while banned. Constantly banned for being crazy. Like Kodaly, would consistently make alt accounts to ban evade. Would talk to himself on alts. Was an active member of DariusIRL's community and later became IRL friends with him.
NaturalBornKilla/MostBeechly Compulsive liar who constantly argued with people. Had multiple active alts (NaturalBornKilla, MostBeechly, PCBRO, daxman, EgoBoosterForDestiny) and would talk about himself like they were a different person.[69][70] MostBeechly got exposed by Kogasa's schizo investigation. Often grouped together with Nadush and Kodaly but they are different people.
p0starmageddon Likely responsible for getting NSFW banned from DGG with his spam[71]
pacjax The legendary countdown chatter. DANKMEMES in 3. DANKMEMES IN 2. DANKMEMES IN 1. DANKMEMES.
PascalLeroux Notoriously obsessed Destiny (and Rem) anti-fan. Started off in the community as a Rem/philosophy hater and would make reddit posts/comments[72] and send destiny anti-philosophy emails.[73] In early 2021 after the Georgia canvassing he became an anti-fan.[74] Notorious for sending schizo emails.[75]
Sarky/Tomzy Didn't like charity movie streams very much.
scyx17 Former dgger, would constantly shit up offline chat during EU hours[76]. Once asked for donations to leave chat[77]. Raged in chat about the XJ9 videos, "He was heartbroken so its understandable for him to post her nudes online" and eventually came on stream to defend XJ9.[78] Was not happy when they were banned for their unhinged behavior.[79] Came to chat on several alts.[80]
spinboyy Compsci shitposter, is an electrical engineer[81], not a fan of Waffles[82][83][84]. Personal friend of Cake.
Synth Onlyfans creator and debate-bro. Exclusively debated about trans topics, only showed up to dgg when trans topics were up for debate or destiny said something mean about trans people on twitter. Constantly posted their OnlyFans and OC nsfw content of themself[85] to the chagrin of many dggers. Claims to have dissociative identity disorder (DID) with an underage, 6-year-old alter ego[86][87]. Turned into an anti-fan[88][89] and was eventually banned from dgg for being a "pedophile enabler"[90].
sztanpet One of the original devs of DGG, created much of the website.
tyson known loli lover.[91] Deleted his logs but those who know, know.
Parasocial chatters who wanted to be included.
Name Joined DGG Signs of Parasocialism
SecretMan01 April 2, 2022, 5:32PM UTC Parasocial zoomer that has all the same takes as Destiny besdies the economy (had to complain about economy because ZOOMER).


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