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Melina Goransson

Melina Goransson (born August 17th, 1998[1]) is a lifestyle streamer. She is well known for her Swedish Rock Washing, a ritual in which she will wait until Destiny goes live to charm DGG by smashing and cleaning all rocks collected during her daily jog. She had multiple emotes in DGG Chat, . Melina also had exclusive access to the emote and a Mel variant of the dggL emote.


On the 6th and 7th of December, 2023 Destiny removed and blocked Melina on his social media[2], said in chat that he "is out" and that she needs to pack up her belongings before he gets back to Miami on the 9th of December. The two have officially been divorced and signed a postnuptial agreement. [3]

Divorce Streams

Three major streams have occurred regarding Destiny and Melina's divorce, each more intense and revealing than the last. Destiny's personal reflections and Memetix/Melina's overt lies about the divorce to mutual friends and other streamers behind the scenes have led to these escalating streams.

December 11th, 2023

On December 11th, 2023 Destiny streamed what would later be referred to as the "cuck stream". [4] Wherein he apologized for leaking messages in DGG chat, apologizes to his audience for "baiting" with a formal manifesto, and gives a brief overview of the events that transpired leading to their divorce. Destiny explains that after speaking with his therapist he realized it would be for the best to not disparage Melina or her new boyfriend too much publically, and leaves the door open for a potential return should she wish to come back once enough time transpires.

December 19th, 2023

On December 19th, 2023 Destiny announced in DGG chat that he would be going into detail regarding the circumstances of their divorce.[5] Destiny was prompted to do this seemingly after finding out Melina and Memetix said on stream that Destiny had been lying about things he said in chat on December 7th. Destiny's main goal with this discussion was to fight a few widespread impressions that irk him[6]:

  1. He is a horrible abusive one-sided terrible person that Melina escaped.
  2. He is unsure how many people have heard "insane" things about him behind the scenes as a result of Melina providing her one-sided perspective.
  3. He is not happy with the things Memetix and Melina accusing him of lying about with regards to the circumstances of their divorce and relationship. Destiny then points out that his claims are easily backed up by logs, and that it would be incredibly stupid of him to lie.
  4. He wants to give a very broad accounting of the things that happened.

Shortly after announcing his intentions in DGG chat, Destiny streamed for two hours and divulged much more information regarding the circumstances of the divorce.[7]. At the beginning of the stream, Destiny noted that at least five mutual friends had reached out to him, implying that he had been untruthful about many things and had been abusive towards Melina. He then provided a timeline of events since December 7th leading up to their divorce. He talked about Melina's tendency to exaggerate and emotionally rewrite the history of their interactions, and her practice of sharing personal details of their relationship with outsiders, which he likened to creating '50 Bob7s'. He expressed his frustration with people weaponizing their emotions against him and friends who try to find a middle ground in their disputes. Destiny highlighted that most of his arguments with Melina revolved around statements of fact, leaving little room for disagreement. Finally, he discussed the rules in their open relationship that, in his view, were designed to set him up for failure, and he mentioned Melina’s request for $100,000 for her apartment in Sweden.

December 21st, 2023

On December 21st, 2023, Destiny responded to Henry Resilient's video, in which Henry accused Destiny of lying about the circumstances surrounding his and Melina's divorce and the allegations against Memetix.[8] [9]Chat logs of an interview between Memetix and Henry regarding the situation are provided, the contents of which spur Destiny to go into more detail than prior streams regarding the circumstances of the divorce and the events leading up to it. Following a reaction to the video, Destiny provided the following guideline with regards to the circumstances that would allow him to disclose more information publicly[10]:

  1. Destiny dislikes the public impression of being labled a cheater/abuser/horrible person. Destiny would also like to combat the potential videos from other content creators that would result should he and Melina split, as they will have a warped perception regarding the events that transpired.
  2. Destiny gets very nervous when individuals spread false, character damaging, information about himself behind the scenes. By December 21st, 2023, Melina and Tim have reached out to 8 different mutual friends with lies.
  3. Pettiness, there is much Destiny would be able to leak if his goal was to simply damage the other parties involved.

Following his listing of these rules, Destiny states that the "golden trifecta" has been achieved, and thanked Tim(Memetix) for enabling him to speak about some things more openly.[11]

Timeline of events


  • Late July to Early August, Melina was forced to return to Sweden to deal with a tax dispute and the formal criminal charges filed against her as a result of it. While this was occuring, Destiny and Melina were fighting over two friendships he was forced to burn relating to Melina's habit of divulging intimate details regarding some of the problems in their relationship to these individuals(aka creating Bob7s).[12]
  • Early August, while Destiny is the United States, Melina meets a new group of friends in Sweden. She assured Destiny that these friends were "cool", explaining they were either gay, platonic, or involved in other relationships. This group included Memetix, with whom Melina started hanging out as friends. Melina initially reassures Destiny that their friendship will be "platonic and cool", Destiny is skeptical. Shortly thereafter, Memetix ends up cheating on a girl he was with and has sex with Melina and the two are soon officially dating. [13]
  • Mid to late August, the relationship between Melina and Memetix progresses. Melina informs Destiny that Memetix is quite clingy, while Melina wants space. Destiny jokes that this is similar to their dynamic(Melina being clingy while Destiny wants space). Destiny eventually discovers that the two have been frequently staying over at one another's apartments for several weeks. Melina does not inform Destiny of this until he asks explicitly, which Destiny is irked by. [14]


  • Sometime around September, Melina's trial date approaches, and Destiny has a very "slutty" trip planned. Near the end of his "trip", Melina has her court date and wants Destiny present for it. The two had been fighting during this time, as Melina wanted Destiny to stay with her in Sweden for three months to support her while the legal issues were being discussed. Destiny feels he's already helping the best ways he can(managing tax issues, finding big 4 accountants to assist in the dispute, etc). While Melina feels irked as she is constantly questioned as to why Destiny isn't in Sweden supporting her, and she is unsure how to defend him.[15]


Logs between Melina and Destiny, wherein she complains about Memetix's lack of a job and her requirement to pay for everything.
  • Destiny eventually returns to his Florida apartment, streams once, then flies out to Sweden for ten days. Upon arriving in Sweden, Destiny notes that he feels underappreciated despite assisting Melina through her legal dispute. He eventually discovers that Memetix was essentially living with Melina while she was stuck in the country. Destiny's first night in Sweden, the two have a conversation about their past hookups, and argued over a boundary Destiny was accused of breaking by having hookups in the bed of their United States apartment. Initially, Melina claimed to be a germaphobe, but later admitted her real concern was about others being in her bed. Destiny felt irritated by this, especially since Memetix was constantly in Melina's apartment and appeared to be sharing her bed. Destiny eventually sits through the Swedish court hearing, and things go well. Once they arrive in the apartment, Melina allegedly engages in much shitty behavior towards Destiny.
  • A few days following the court appearance, Destiny and Melina receive word that she will be able to receive her passport back soon. Destiny has a discussion with Melina, and remarks that he does not think Memetix will be okay with Melina returning to the United States as the two have been "glued" to each other for two months straight. Melina reassures Destiny that Memetix is poly and very okay with her leaving.
  • Around October 8, 2023 Melina retrieves her passport from the courthouse and returns to the apartment appearing visibly stressed after an interaction she had with Memetix. She informs Destiny that Memetix believes Destiny is way too toxic for her, and he can't stand to see her in so much pain. Memetix gives Melina the ultimatum to either divorce Destiny or leave him. Memetix then claims that a few of Melina's friends have said Destiny and her do need to break up due to the toxicity in their relationship. Upon seeing Melina's hesitation to respond, Memetix(knowing Melina has abandonment issues), lashes out and says "this is why everybody you've ever loved has left you Melina", and promptly storms down the street. Destiny and Melina have a thirty minute conversation regarding the state of their relationship. During the conversation, Destiny maintains that he is happy with the state of their relationship despite the fights, and notes that Memetix has done some strange things as of late that might make a relationship with him difficult. A few hours later, Memetix began sending apologetic direct messages to Melina, insisting they needed to talk immediately. When Melina asked Destiny if she should respond, he advised against it. Melina then told Memetix they could talk the next day. In response, Memetix claimed he was walking outside and feeling suicidal. Melina then chats with Memetix for two hours, in an attempt to calm him down. Destiny felt optimistic, believing Melina would end the relationship due to Memetix's abusive behavior. He never explicitly told her to stop talking to Memetix, assuming she would naturally cut off contact after such an incident. The next day Memetix would go on to say he didn't actually threaten suicide, and was just having suicidal feelings.[16]
  • October 8, 2023 Melina reaches out to some of her friends to corroborate Memetix's accusations that they had wanted Melina to get out of her relationship with Destiny. She eventually confirms that Memetix had been lying. [17]
  • October 20, 2023 Destiny and Melina get into a fight(while in Las Vegas) because Tim was saying you can't raise children in a poly relationship, or with an American. The fight heats up, and she asks him if he's on his meds and implies that could be the cause of his poor mood. [18] [19] Destiny was not initially aware that Melina would be available for TwitchCon, and regrettably had to cancel several planned sexual endeavors as a result. Upon noticing that Melina had been texting Memetix for several hours on the third day of TwitchCon(after assuming she had cut him off as a result of his prior behavior), an irate Destiny storms off and goes to some of his planned hookups.


A tweet posted by Destiny in the midst of Melina spending time in Sweden with Memetix.[20]
  • Destiny and Melina return to Miami. Melina gets really irritated upon discovering that Memetix had been cuddling with a close friend of Melina's in her Sweden apartment. Upon pressing her, Destiny is shocked to discover that Memetix has a key to Melina's apartment, and that Tim is allowed to invite girls back to her apartment to have sex with. Destiny then informs Melina that he will do "whatever the fuck" he wants in the bed of his apartment, and if she is not happy with that she can leave. Destiny streams that day, and Melina has a 5 hour call with Memetix and the friend he hooked up with, she claims the conversation went well. [21]
  • Melina eventually finds out that Memetix is lying to her mutual friends about her. Destiny gives her some advice, and informs her to reach out to some of these friends before Memetix attempts to. Destiny eventually discovers that multiple friends(who have likely been contacted by Memetix), no longer respond to his messages.
  • Destiny takes Melina to the airport, and informs her that he feels like he'll never see her again. He remains optimistic however, and assumes Melina will eventually phase Memetix out of her life(pointing to his past toxic behavior). [22]
  • Within a week of returning to Sweden, Memetix and Melina are close again. Destiny is worried at this point, as he is unsure if Melina is getting "mind-fucked" into an abusive relationship, as she is beginning to slip on some of her business obligations, is cutting contact from some of her friends, and appears distant in their calls. Melina has an interview at one point, and when she begins speaking positively about Destiny, Memetix angrily storms out of the apartment. [23]
  • Destiny attempts to reach out to Melina's father and sister to see if they can provide him info regarding Melina's status. He eventually finds out that Melina and Memetix have been informing any mutuals that Destiny is having a "crazy-manic episode" and to avoid speaking with him. Destiny is in contact with a mutual friend of theirs, and they inform Destiny that she can't hang out with Melina without Memetix being there. Destiny eventually blocks Melina on Instagram, stating he can't stand seeing Melina post pictures with such a toxic and manipulative individual. Destiny calls his therapist and sets up a 5-hour group therapy session when Melina returns to the United States, and begins putting together a manifesto. Destiny then has a 3 hour long conversation with a close friend, and eventually concludes that their relationship troubles aren't entirely Memetix's fault.[24]


The Memetix hoodie Melina greeted Destiny in upon returning from Sweden.
  • Melina returns from Sweden. Upon picking her up from the airport, he sees Melina is wearing a hoodie with Memetix's name printed on the front. Destiny refrains from interacting with Melina over the course of the next few days while she's back in the United States.[25]
  • On the day of their therapy session, Destiny, believing that the discussion would not be fruitful and "seeing the writing on the wall", walks to the bank with Melina to withdraw his money(~$115,000).The two then have their 5 hour long therapy session with their therapist, Stacy. Destiny feels good at this point. Melina allegedly agrees to this as they have decided to take a break for 6 months, and Destiny wants to protect his assets.[26] [27]
  • Melina is very upset one day as Memetix has cheated on her with multiple other individuals while she has been in the United States. Melina is more open to the boundaries Destiny set in therapy at this point, and in turn establishes "strange" ones(i.e. not judging her for working so much, something Destiny has never complained about, and giving Melina freedom). Destiny notes that the boundaries Melina set seem like they would not work in a relationship with Memetix.
  • December 7, 2023 Destiny and Melina have a conversation which ended horribly(Melina confided in Memetix details regarding their personal relationship). Destiny is irate at this point, and accuses Melina of running damage control for Memetix, and implies that Memetix knows more about their relationship than Destiny knows about her. Destiny wanted her to be gone with all her shit by the the time he got home on December 9th. Later that night, Destiny had a short conversation with her in dms(Destiny admits he is fairly irate at this point, and the messages he sent could be perceived as "unhinged"). Melina's responses were described as loving yet cold and detached, and fairly logical. Destiny noted that she was denying things she had previously confessed to doing. Unable to sleep, Destiny started typing things about their relationship in the DGG chat that he later regretted. Destiny has a 15-page manifesto ready to go at this point. That day, Destiny appears as a guest on two shows, Jubilee and the Whatever podcast. Destiny and Melina are seperated for two days at this point, and he has solicited much feedback from many mutuals regarding their interaction. After these conversations, Destiny sends an apologetic message to Melina for his seemingly unhinged behavior, and messages in DGG chat(Destiny was blocked on all socials at this point so he sent it through a mutual). [28]
  • Destiny messages Melina, inquiring what she means when she says she will "go on break", and asks if she will restrict herself romantically and sexually from Memetix. Melina responds that she will not, and Destiny concludes that Melina simply wants to try out a relationship with Memetix and crawl back to him if it doesn't work out.
  • December 11, 2023 Destiny has a three-hour discussion with his therapist, Stacy, about their relationship and his struggles to understand some of Melina's behaviors. Stacy advised Destiny to focus on achieving a specific outcome, warning against actions that could lead to a less desirable result. Following the therapy, he managed to get Melina to sign a postnuptial agreement. Later that day, Destiny spent two hours talking with a friend about the situation. [29]
  • Destiny later does the "cuck" stream, wherein he apologizes for his unhinged behavior, leaking details regarding his relationship in dgg, and leaves the door open for Melina's return.[30]
  • December 12, 2023 Destiny notices a few passive aggressive tweets from Melina(which he viewed through dummy social media accounts). Destiny has his birthday party and notably did not receive a happy birthday from Melina :( . Destiny claims he is "chilling" at this point, and is happy where things are left.[31]
  • December 13, 2023 people start messaging Destiny about things Melina has been saying. Most of the mutual friends allegedly believe Melina, despite her tendency to not divulge the full story of any fight they may have.[32] Destiny believes Melina will never leak anything, because she knows everything about this makes her look like a "satanic demon"[33]. Notable messages include "I'm so glad I got out of that, I never want to go back to this horrible person, I realized how much of an abuser he is... I can't believe he lied and tried to make everybody sympathetic for him...". Destiny is taken aback by these messages, as they were in response to his "cuck-stream". Destiny begins to retrofit actions melina did in the past, and everything starts to make sense. Destiny says fuck everyone who made him walk back his initial assessment of things. Upon seeing the aforementioned messages from Melina regarding their relationship, Destiny rents an attorney, got the divorce papers, printed them up, sent them to melina to sign by monday. The papers were signed almost immediately, notarized, and the court accepted everything. [34]
  • Melina reaches out to Destiny. She allegedly never truly wanted to get a divorce, and had recently received a message relating to her Sweden apartment. The Florida courts accepted the paperwork for their divorce, the day before Melina received a notice relating to her apartment. She claims he owes her money($100,000) for her apartment in Sweden. The two have a forty minute call later that day. During their conversation, Destiny compared himself to Neo, claiming he could detect each lie and pivot Melina made in real time. He challenged every assertion Melina presented, consistently asking for logs or evidence to back her claims, which she was unable to provide. Melina notably calls Destiny an emotionally stunted child that surrounds himself with yes-men during the call. [35] [36]

Financial fallout of divorce

Destiny stated that there is no noticeable financial burden on his end as a result of the divorce. He goes on to say that the two have no joint assets, no kids, and live in Florida(the state has disfavorable laws for short-term marriages), and even if she wanted to fight she would likely receive nothing.[37]

Memetix chat logs during the December 19th stream

Memetix logs during the December 19th stream
Prominent youtuber damianluck925's advice to Destiny during his tumultuous divorce.

Memetix appeared in chat while Destiny was recounting the events of his divorce and attempted multiple times to egg Destiny on. Notably, upon Memetix's allegation that he has a recording of Destiny requesting he kill himself, Destiny remarks he did say as much and requests that Memetix be a "man of his word"(in reference to Memetix threatening to take his own life on multiple occasions).[38]

During the December 21st stream, Destiny remarks that Memetix might be getting "super mind fucked right now" judging by the way he types in chat. He cautioned Memetix that Melina had been lying frequently over the past six months, and suggests that this might explain the apparent confidence behind some of Memetix's statements.[39]

Darius Situation

Destiny explains that Melina was 100% unequivocally wrong, and exaggerated/lied about everything having to do with the situation. Destiny goes on to claim that because it ended up in a place she didn't like, she emotionally rewrote their interactions to make it seem like DariusIRL was a clingy abusive loser the entire time. [40] Destiny then claims he did not want to intervene in their personal drama which is why he let Darius get "dragged", however he did communicate with the two behind the scenes individually. [41]

Melina's request for $100,000

Melina reached out(through a mutual) to Destiny twelve days after blocking him on all platforms. Destiny assumed Melina reached out to him as a result of her receiving some sort of notice regarding the status of her apartment the day after the divorce papers were notarized.[42] She asserts Destiny owes her money for her apartment in Sweden, and if he wants to do what is morally right he should pay for her apartment in Sweden. Destiny responds that Melina is out of her mind, and suggests that Memetix get a job to pay off the amount due. Some time passes, and Melina wants to know where Destiny is at with regards to the apartment situation. Destiny states he's at the message he sent an hour ago, they have a 40 minute call. Melina starts lying throughout the convo, and destiny has logs on hand to disprove her(Destiny claims he felt like neo during this conversation).

Memetix streamed some time later, and said there was lies in the logs Destiny had released.[43] Melina argued that Destiny lied about paying rent for her other boyfriend who moved into her Swedish apartment without Destiny's knowledge. Destiny admitted that, technically, he had not paid for her apartment. However, he explained that by covering all of Melina's living expenses while she lives in America, it's akin to indirectly funding her ability to pay for her Swedish apartment. This arrangement allows Melina to use her own money for the apartment in Sweden, which she has owned since before their relationship began. Therefore, Destiny's support in the US essentially enabled Melina to maintain her Swedish apartment.

As justification for the amount she requested from Destiny, Melina asserts that she abandoned all her things in Sweden for him. [44]

Melina:  "You owe me this because I abandoned all of my stuff in sweden for you." 
Destiny: "No you didn't, you abandoned new zealand for me." 
Melina:  "No i abandoned sweden, I couldn't go back after I..."
Destiny: "No you hated sweden, and you abandoned new zealand."

Destiny then pulls up logs from the first year of their relationship wherein the couple fought over Melina's desire to stay in New Zealand, her hating Sweden, and her hating having to come to the United States. When the two fought, Melina would frequently bring up how Destiny seemingly pulled her from her dream country and dropped her in a country she hates(Sweden), to which Destiny responded that she was engaged with a guy two weeks after she arrived in New Zealand.

TCBrady's involvement

Destiny showing logs between Melina and TCBrady

Destiny stated that he could corroborate almost everything Melina discussed with him through shared logs.[45] As an example, Destiny provided direct messages between Melina and a loyal dgger, TCBrady, as evidence of her reaching out to mutual friends. Brady’s actions later earned him a front-runner position for DGGer of the year in The Destiny Awards, which he would go on to win. [46]

Bob7 clones and relationship rules/dynamics

Bob7 "clones"

Logs between Destiny and Memetix, wherein Memetix claims he does not live with Melina.

Destiny maintains his position that Bob was a piece of shit, who was talking shit behind the scenes. There are multiple people that Melina dumped everything about their relationship to, these people have all eventually gone on to hate destiny. The justification for this "trauma-dumping" was always: "5 years of trauma, and because you traumatize me when you cheated." Destiny admits he did in fact cheat, but some of the rules were set up to make him fail, as there were many qualifiers with regards to girls he could hook-up with. [47]

Destiny asserted that Melina has caused more people to be cut out of his life by bringing their relationship drama to these individuals. During one particular argument, Destiny asked Melina if she thought she was in the wrong in some of those instances, to which she replied no. The day after, Memetix continued with what Destiny described as manipulative, abuser-like behavior, and Melina suggested that Destiny should talk to him. This led to two days of intense conversations with Memetix, which Destiny characterized as "autistic." He then questioned why Melina hadn't had conversations with any of the people with whom her actions had damaged his friendships, particularly those who hadn't threatened self-harm, citing ErisAnn as an example.[48]

Cheating and Relationship dynamics

Destiny cited his hook-up with a girl in San Francisco and his prompt disclosure to Melina the next morning as an example of what Melina considered to be instances of Destiny "cheating." In contrast, he mentioned an incident where Melina, while traveling in Europe with two individuals(whom she claimed to not be involved with romantically), only shared her activities with these individuals upon Destiny’s direct inquiry. While Melina was on this trip, she requested Destiny not hook-up with a certain girl while she traveled. Agreeing to her request, Destiny later received a call from a crying Melina, confessing that she had hooked up with the two aforementioned individuals. [49]

When Destiny discovered that Memetix had cheated on his previous girlfriend to be with Melina, and that they were now dating, he was surprised. He recalled how Melina had previously expressed that cheating was one of the worst actions someone could commit, yet she was now in a relationship with someone who had cheated to be with her. Destiny went on to remark that the relationship dynamic between Melina and Memetix, was quite similar to the relationship between himself and Melina. In that Tim is clingy, while Melina wants space(as opposed to Destiny wanting space and Melina being clingy). Destiny goes on to provide the example of Melina and Memetix being at a restaurant with other friends, Memetix wanting to go home, Melina wanting to stay, and Memetix proceeding to send several messages to Melina informing her she is being unfair and needs to return home immediately. [50]

Inconsistent relationship rules

One of Destiny's primary critiques of his former relationship with Melina, is the inconsistency in which certain rules were applied:

Destiny felt he was held to a much higher standard when it came to "information informing" regarding potential relationships. i.e. Destiny would have to inform of potential new partners immediately, and still receive criticism, while Melina would not inform Destiny of new partners/hookups until asked. He likens this to eventually discovering that Memetix was in Melina's apartment nearly every day, and Melina not informing him until he explicitly asked. [51]

Additionally, Destiny perceived an inconsistent application of their rule about potential hookups in their shared bed. Melina would consistently say she's germaphobic when pressed on this issue. When the two argue about this boundary in Sweden, it eventually comes to be clear that Melina is not a germaphobe, and simply does not want Destiny's hookups in their bed. Destiny takes issue with this as Memetix is in Melina's Swedish apartment all the time, and seems to be sharing her bed. In response, Melina asserted that since she fully paid for the Swedish apartment, she could use it as she wished. Destiny countered this argument by pointing out that he pays for their apartment in the United States. This situation limited his ability to use a significant part of their U.S. apartment, whereas Melina had complete freedom in her Swedish apartment.[52] This issue flared up once more, once Destiny discovered that Melina had allowed Memetix to bring girls back to her Sweden apartment to hook up in her bed. [53]

Melina's disapproval of Destiny's partners, whom she saw as toxic to their relationship, and her maintenance of a relationship with Memetix, who openly wanted Melina to cut off Destiny, created another pain point. Destiny remarked that if there was a girl trying to debate him out of dating Melina, she would be losing her mind. [54]


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