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Picture of Darius in his room

Darius Ellis, more commonly known as DariusIRL, is a caucasian[1] online personality and streamer associated with Destiny. Darius started out as a movie conductor and slowly gained infamy tattooing himself for money and for his eccentric and bombastic personality. He was also known for creating WWE videos featuring people on Destiny's streams[2][3]. Recently he has gained his own audience and further notoriety thanks to his relationships with mentally unstable women, a topic that has become a meme within the DGG community.

Darius streams on Kick and Youtube, and he is currently banned from Twitch. As of August 1st, 2023 he has appealed his Twitch ban.[4] He is a sponsored Stake streamer.[5]

He's just like me.

Notable Fumbles

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A list of potential romantic partners that Darius fumbled for absolutely no reason.

Fumbled Party Reason Status
Xena Unable to order adult food for himself and reportedly told another girl that he was just with Xena for content. Likely unfumbled
Grace During their planned dinner date, massive miscommunication when Nadush snaked him for a new "bit". OSGT on pause(publically) for Xena arc
Straighterade Being himself.
Hannah Said "I love you" after knowing her for like 2 weeks. Getting piped rn
Sushia Instability with streaming, and losing his job due to Gertle, a schizo chatter. Ex-fiancée
Melina Got too clingy and scared Mel off. Under investigation for tax fraud (coincidence?)


On August 27th 2023, Darius took two Vyvanse and lost his life savings (~$1,400) playing high risk Pachinko on stake.us.[6][7]. Darius said he was trying to get Xena's nails did even though the average cost of a manicure and gel nails in Florida is $50.

On September 11th 2023, Darius announced on his stream that he had taken out a 7-day 10% interest $1,000 loan from DGG chatter jstlk[8]. Later on during his stream[9], Darius received another offer from jstlk: take off $200 from the repayment in exchange for Darius going in $720 on the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot on Stake, but jstlk gets 25% of the winnings from the spin. Darius accepted the offer, egged on by his chat, and surprisingly ended up with both of them profiting[10]. As of October 12th, Darius has paid back the loan in full[11].

The Xena Arc

Following Xena's public breakup/feud with Sneako in mid-2023, she and Darius would begin consistently calling each other at night, notably engaging in watch parties of the anime Inuyasha. A few weeks after this, around August, they announced that their relationship publicly.

The Intervention of DariusIRL

On September 8th 2023, Darius joined a conversation between Destiny and BellaRamaTV to flirt with her. During this, Darius' girlfriend, XenaTheWitcher, along with several others (including Vegan Gains, ToriiiPage, and NotsoErudite) joined the call to argue with him about whether Darius creating Spotify playlists for many of his female friends and other similar acts of intimate behaviour was a violation of their relationship boundaries[12].

On September 19th 2023, Xena flew out to Arizona to live with Darius for two weeks. During this, they fought constantly about their relationship, continuing their previous arguments about Darius' intimacy with other women[13][14].

Mutually Assured Destruction: The End of XenaIRL

Darius' arrest record following the dispute.

In October 2023, Darius had made plans to drive to Twitchcon in Las Vegas with a few friends. Xena, against Darius' wishes, bought a plane ticket to visit, making their situation increasingly uncomfortable due to the fact that they had agreed on spending time apart following constant fights and outbursts between the two[15]. In the late hours of October 20th, this issue, as well as a fight they had had earlier that day involving a stream with Mercoffdaperc, blew up moreso than any of their previous arguments, ultimately leading to physical conflict between the two in addition to Xena allegedly threatening Darius with a butter knife off stream[16].

Due to the fight, Darius ended up calling the police, with Xena leaving the hotel room before they arrived. Once there, the police took a statement from Darius, noting that they weren't able to make an arrest without both sides of the story. After the police had left, Darius became increasingly aggressive, asserting that he was done with Xena and that he never wanted to see her ever again, also proceeding to leak details about the toxicity of their relationship and various events that had occurred off-stream, including him grabbing her by the neck at one point during a previous fight[17].

Several hours after Darius ended his stream, his friend Dani revealed that Darius had been arrested[18], being charged with the unlawful use of an emergency phone number[19] and having his initial appearance set for the following day.

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