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This wiki exists to document and organize information related to Destiny, his stream, and anything adjacent to the stream that might be relevant. The determination of relevancy is determined ultimately by Destiny and moderators of this wiki.

Content Guidelines

Acceptable Content

NSFW links (Fansly, OnlyFans, etc.) are acceptable if they are relevant [1].

Unacceptable Content

Unsubstantiated critique/demeaning of any individual/group does not belong on the wiki pages [2].

Citation and Sourcing

If a claim is made, provide a citation or source for that claim or flag it as needing a citation using the citation needed template

Behavioral Expectations

Respect and Civility

Do not harass, attack, or demean any users.

Conduct in Discussions and Comments

Provide high quality discussions in talk pages and keep the discussion relevant to the page.

Moderation and Enforcement


4thot is the head moderator of the wiki, defer all rule and moderation questions to them before trying to contact Destiny for advice.

Violation Consequences

Violating any of these rules will result in bans in both this wiki and D.GG chat.

Privacy and Personal Information

User Privacy

Do not collect and post personal information relating to any wiki users (if you wish to expose a user using sock puppets/multiple accounts please refer to moderation, do not post on the wiki about it).

Sharing Personal Information

Do not create a dox list, basic information that is public and relevant to their role in the DGG universe should be the limit. Be overly cautious if you are uncertain as to whether it is relevant information. As an example, it is quite relevant to detail that Destiny has lived in Omaha, LA, and Miami, but it is not relevant to detail his specific address, phone number, frequent locations that he visits, or anything that specific. If you find that a user has a non editable wiki page, that's a hint that the person has chosen to limit their exposure to the wiki and you shouldn't create content about them.

Contact Information

Contact with moderation can be made in DGG chat, on the reddit, and on the discord server's dgg-wiki channel.