Sam Seder

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Sam Seder

Guzzling Buckets
Status Active
Political Alignment Progressive
Occupation Comedian, Political Commentator
Country of origin USA
Website Majority Report Radio
Twitter SamSeder
Instagram @TheMajorityReport

Sam Seder is a progressive comedian and political commentator who is the host of The Majority Report along with his co-host Emma Vigeland. He has been an actor in several movies and television shows, as well as a producer and director, and has done voice acting in large-production media as early as 2024.

Seder has had a few on-stream appearances with Destiny; in the more recent, the two discussed the (then topical) Kyle Rittenhouse shooting that eventually was adjudicated in favor of Rittenhouse as being justified self-defense. The debate was largely unproductive, as Sam was intensely focused on the comments made by Destiny about 'Buckets of cum'. Sam Seder made an offer to speak with Destiny about the Israel-Palestine conflict.

On-Stream appearances with Destiny

Jul 22, 2021 ∙ Destiny Debates Sam Seder From The Majority Report

This debate was nominated for the 2021 Debate of the Year Destiny Award but received only a paltry 1.2% of the vote.

Jul 8, 2022 ∙ HEATED Rittenhouse Debate w/ Sam Seder


In the debate with Destiny, Seder would frequently reflect on Destiny's phraseology that Seder would be "guzzle buckets of [Kyle Rittenhouse's] cum" if he was a different race.[1]

Seder still frequently mentions that Destiny thinks Seder would "would express this by imbibing... a significant amount of someone's sexual releases."[2]


Destiny maintains Sam on his Blacklist indefinitely for an uncharitable summary of a conversation between them and for having an "unbelievably stupid understanding of the Rittenhouse case."[3]

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