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RightToBearArmsLOL, often referred to by his initials RTBA, and known colloquially as The Bear, is a moderator for both Destiny and Hasan Piker. He reportedly does polyphasic sleeping in order to keep awake at important times of day despite being from the UK[citation needed].


While RTBA is mainly a moderator, he has been antagonized by quite a few chatters that have grown into known enemies of the bear, which are a large part of RTBA's notoriety in chat. Most chatters seem to be quite polarized by his dislike of particular chatters and this drives further controversy around him. Some of these antagonists might be one-sided from the chatter or from the bear, but the hatred is very real.

Enemies of RTBA
Chatter Description
DariusIRL While trying to build his stream towards the beginning of 2023, Darius would spam his embed whenever he went live[1], as well as opening and reading DGG chat on stream, all of which are bannable offenses to avoid streamers leeching from DGG chat[citation needed]. This led to numerous issues surrounding embeds, Darius, and other chatters, all surrounding an already controversial chatter[2].

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