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Manifold Markets is a play-money prediction market website where users are able to create and trade on any question they can think of.[1] Manifold has deep connections with DGG, with 2 of its 3 largest markets being related to DGG.[2]

Partnership with

Manifold Markets has an active partnership with Users can redeem 1000 Mana, Manifolds play-currency, for a Tier 1 subscription.[3]
Community Manager for Manifold Markets, David Chee has written a comprehensive post on getting started, how markets work and the cross-over with DGG[4] group here, follow to have Destiny related markets appear on your homepage.

Orbiter stocks

Manifold Markets was first used by DGG to create "orbiter stocks".[5] Users created markets labeled [orbiter name] Stock, where DGGers could either BUY or SHORT the orbiter's stock based on their on stream and off stream conduct. The largest stocks include Dan,[6] Aba,[7] Erudite,[8] and Melina.[9]


ManiFest was Manifold's inaugural forecasting conference, it took place September 22-24 2023 in Berkeley, California.[10] It hosted many notable speakers, such as Destiny, Aella, and Robert Miles.

Most profitable DGGers on Manifold

List of DGGers with over 50k profit on Manifold (23-08-26)
User Profit (mana)
johnleoks[11] 210,611
Genzy[12] 192,455
UFTG[13] 87,952
PunishedFurry[14] 82,996
RSWats[15] 78,389
Shah[16] 68,933
omnishambles[17] 62,706
bingeworthy[18] 52,529
Agh[19] 50,081